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Guaranteed Repairs at Reasonable Prices

Prices noted are average repair costs, including parts.  My goal is to get your unit as close I can to original condition.  I will estimate all repairs at no charge, keeping in mind an estimate is merely an approximation of expected costs.  Most of these units are 40 years or older, and usually have multiple problems, some of which are not evident on first inspection.  In these cases, if the expected repair total exceeds 20% of the original estimate, I will re-estimate and give you the option of deciding not to repair the unit.  80% of repairs are completed within three days.  Repaired equipment should be picked up within 4 business days after being notified.  


Thank you,



$125 to $150

CD/Cassette Player/Recorder



RxR Tape Decks



$100 t $150

Vintage Stereo Consoles & Floor Models

$350 to $600




Speaker Refoaming


Have something that doesn't fit in one of these groups?  Customized quotes available, please bring it by!


  • Estimates are FREE

  • $10 charge if unit is tested and checks out OK

  • 90 Day Warranty

  • Warranty covers only parts replaced and service performed as stated on repair receipt

  • Proof of Warranty (Repair Receipt) must accompany request for warranty service, no exceptions.

  • Repaired units should be picked up within 4 business days.

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