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Closing Soon

After 45 years repairing HiFi/stereo equipment, I will be closing my shop over a period of time, perhaps a year or more.  Over time, I have repaired all parts of electronics components, marine electronics, television, VCR's, scanners, satellite communication equipment, almost anything electronic.  Moving forward, I will be repairing only antique(1920) to vintage(1970) stereo equipment which includes record players, turntables, receivers, amplifiers, speakers, and CD players.  Please call me first to see if I am open and that I do repair your particular piece.  Sooner than later would be better.  I've been lucky to have the best customers around.

Thank you,


About our business

I have been in the stereo repair business since 1972, when most of the equipment used today was not even on the drawing board. After completing one year of military technical school, I repaired uhf/vhf transceivers, air traffic control consoles and what is termed ground communications in the Air Force for three years. I acquired an associate degree in electronics at North Shore Community College, worked at the Tech HiFi service department,KLH Corporation and Latitude 42 in Marblehead repairing marine communications and navigation equipment.

Eventually I opened Salem Audio/ Video services, located next to the Record Exchange in Salem. I closed it in 1999. Since then I have lived in Los Angeles for five years, and Miami for two. While there, I worked in marine electronics designing, installing and repairing communications, navigation and audio/video systems on mostly pleasure boats. I have had an FCC license since 1985.

Well, I'm back on the North Shore specializing in the repair of high end audio and vintage stereos. The complex nature of todays equipment generally necessitates its being removed from the home and repaired in the shop. I am a full service store that can at least head you in the right direction if I cannot repair it. My motto is "guaranteed repairs at reasonable prices".







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